Google Chrome is a freeware web browser and it serves as more than half of the world’s desktop browser. If you want to get its icon, then you can follow the process given below.

Through the Properties Menu

  1. Just open the Start menu, Access it from Google Chrome, if you have installed it on your desktop.
  2. Type “Google Chrome” in the search bar, Chrome should be visible in the search bar, and it will be classified as a “desktop app.”
  3. Click right on Google Chrome and select “Open file location,” this is going to take you to Google Chrome’s Document folder.
  4. Click right on the Google Chrome icon and click on properties, it will open the properties menu.
  5. Select the Change icon at the bottom of properties menu; this will enable you to choose from a couple of the default icons in Chrome’s installation.
  6. Begin selecting a new icon.
  7. Now click “APPLY” and then “OK,” this will save changes now and congratulations you have a new icon.

By installing a new icon

  1. Start by typing Google Chrome alternative icon into the web browser and this will bring up a list of sites with many Chrome icons. You should not pay or provide any personal information for these icons.
  2. Now open an icon site, browse the selection, and feel free to do this as you can do this multiple times.
  3. Click on the icon you want to download, you will find yourself to icons download preferences.
  4. Personalize your preferences, some of the sites are going to allow you to pick the size of the icon and implement schemes of different color.
  5. Don’t forget to select the “ICON” before downloading your icon.
  6. Download your icon.
  7. Place the icon in such a file where it won’t be disturbed.
  8. Please copy your icon, if you’re on Mac.
  9. Now open the Start menu.
  10. Type Google Chrome in the search and click right on Google Chrome, Now select” Open file location.”
  11. Click right on the Google Chrome icon and then click Properties, now select “change icon” at the bottom.
  12. Click browse; just select the icon file, which was downloaded earlier. Merely click apply and then “OK.”

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