Nintendo has lived up on their commitments to update classic NES titles on the previously launched Nitro Switch, an online platform. Additionally, for being able to drop three new titles into the library, a special treat has been offered by Nintendo for the fans that are having interests in The Legends of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda didn’t only launch one of Nintendo’s most potent and long-running IPs, but it also gave a start to the idea of saved games to the world of home gaming consoles. Unlike a lot of other games that were being released on the Nintendo Entertainment system at the time, your patience and time was everything The Legend of Zelda demanded. It was a game that would need above one sitting to finish. To that end, a small watch battery was dropped into the cartridge, and the first game with save functionality was born. All thanks to Nintendo.

If you didn’t ever get a chance for utilizing that little watch battery to create your own Zelda saves, don’t worry! Nintendo has been thinking about you. Being aware of the original game is long and complicated; Nintendo is now offering a unique saved game of Legend of Zelda that will get you going with just 255 Rupees, some keys, a few bombs, and approximately about all of Link’s endgame gear.

If you want to boost up your Legend of Zelda play-through by accessing all this sweet gear and the new save is super easy to do, follow these guidelines:

  • First of all, open up NES Nintendo Online. Doing so will show all of the newly released NES titles on top.
  • Now, you will find a new version of Legend of Zelda. This version has a red banner on it that says “SP Special.” You need to select that.
  • You will directly be taken to a new game of Legend of Zelda page. And this is where you will be geared up to the gills.

Obviously, if you are looking forward to accessing this content, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will help you with that. If you don’t already have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you can go to Amazon and buy a whole year for only $20.

That’s it! It really is that simple. Thank you for reading this post. We hope this information will be helpful to you. Enjoy gaming!

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